COVID-19 Coronavirus – Contingency Planning

With growing uncertainties about the transmission of the COVID-19 coronavirus which continues to spread around the UK and Europe, we have been formulating our own contingency plans to make sure we continue to provide you with our usual high quality of service.  As such we are closely following WHO and UK government guidelines to keep our own employees well protected and these measures include:

  • Increased cleaning/ sanitising in all office work spaces.
  • Notices in place at reception, offices and the warehouse instructing employees to follow current WHO and government guidelines to wash hands thoroughly each time they enter the work premises.
  • Increase use of hand sanitiser by all employees, particularly to those when on the move delivering goods onboard vessels in port.

We appreciate that the current situation may get worse before things start to improve and all our staff will be working together on a daily basis to adapt to all situations as they develop.

At present we are operating as usual, however, this is likely to change as outside influences effect us.  We have been notified of the closure of IMO HQ and The Nautical Institute and as such no paper book supplies are being distributed. UKHO have a reduced staff force, but all supplies are presently being distributed.  All digital orders will still be supplied as usual.  We do have an adequate stock of items and will try to source from alternative suppliers to enable us to fulfil any orders placed, however, this may not always be viable.

Couriers are also operating as usual however, this again will be monitored each day and once we are made aware of any changes to service we will advise accordingly.

Whilst keeping a close eye on guidance provided by the UK government and port health advisers, we are also keeping ourselves well-appraised of the various measures taken by port authorities and terminal managers.  We appreciate that’s Ships Masters and crew also need to be protected to continue trading and that there may be ships safety restrictions as well as those in place from the shore.  We pride ourselves on being flexible in all situations and will work with any such restrictions on a case by case basis.