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Platinum+ marine charts provide you with Navionics+ charts and features, plus 3D View, satellite overlay and panoramic photos.


5P158XL Bay of Biscay/Spain
5P159XL Portugal to Azores
5P253XL Black Sea*
5P268XL North Aegean Sea
5P269XL Mediterranean South East
5P270XL South Aegean Sea
5P271XL Adriatic Sea
5P272XL Central Mediterranean
5P273XL Tyrrenian Sea
5P274XL Mediterranean North West
5P275XL Mediterranean South West
5P391XL Strait of Dover
5P392XL English Channel
5P393XL Irish Sea
5P394XL Ireland
5P396XL Scotland West
5P397XL Eastern UK
5P398XL Hamburg/Dunkerque
5P399XL Germany West/Denmark West
5P400XL Stockholm to ?hus
5P403XL Northern Norway
5P404XL Estonia to Poland
5P405XL Gulf of Finland
5P406XL Gustavsvik/Aaland I.
5P407XL Swedish Lakes*
5P409XL Arendal ? Sognefjorden
5P410XL Skagerrak
5P411XL Gulf of Bothnia
5P412XL Kasko to Vormsi
5P413XL Kristiansund to Bergen
5P414XL Nesna to Smoela
5P415XL Ringvassoey to Nesna
5P416XL Iceland to Faeroe I.*
5P417XL Germany East/Sweden South
5P445XL Denmark East/Sweden West
5P446XL Finnish Lakes*
5P538XL Cen. European Lakes*

Middle East & Africa
6P027XL N. Madagascar/Somalia*
6P035XL Africa S.E./Madagascar*
7P016XL Persian Gulf/Oman Gulf*
7P017XL Red Sea/Gulf of Aden*

8P133XL Melbourne/Tasmania
8P135XL Brisbane to Sydney
8P136XL Queensland Australia
8P137XL Australia North-East
8P138XL Northern Australia
8P139XL Beagle B. to Perth
8P140XL Perth to Melbourne
8P160XL New Zealand
*Limited Platinum+ features.

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5P158XL Bay of Biscay/Spain, 5P159XL Portugal to Azores, 5P253XL Black Sea, 5P268XL North Aegean Sea, 5P269XL Mediterranean South East, 5P270XL South Aegean Sea, 5P271XL Adriatic Sea, 5P272XL Central Mediterranean, 5P273XL Tyrrenian Sea, 5P274XL Mediterranean North West, 5P275XL Mediterranean South West, 5P391XL Strait of Dover, 5P392XL English Channel, 5P393XL Irish Sea, 5P394XL Ireland, 5P396XL Scotland West, 5P397XL Eastern UK, 5P398XL Hamburg/Dunkerque, 5P399XL Germany West/Denmark West, 5P400XL Stockholm to ?hus, 5P403XL Northern Norway, 5P404XL Estonia to Poland, 5P405XL Gulf of Finland, 5P406XL Gustavsvik/Aaland I., 5P407XL Swedish Lakes, 5P409XL Arendal ? Sognefjorden, 5P410XL Skagerrak, 5P411XL Gulf of Bothnia, 5P412XL Kasko to Vormsi, 5P413XL Kristiansund to Bergen, 5P414XL Nesna to Smoela, 5P415XL Ringvassoey to Nesna, 5P416XL Iceland to Faeroe I., 5P417XL Germany East/Sweden South, 5P445XL Denmark East/Sweden West, 5P446XL Finnish Lakes, 5P538XL Cen. European Lakes, 6P027XL N. Madagascar/Somalia, 6P035XL Africa S.E./Madagascar, 7P016XL Persian Gulf/Oman Gulf, 7P017XL Red Sea/Gulf of Aden, 8P133XL Melbourne/Tasmania, 8P135XL Brisbane to Sydney, 8P136XL Queensland Australia, 8P137XL Australia North-East, 8P138XL Northern Australia, 8P139XL Beagle B. to Perth, 8P140XL Perth to Melbourne, 8P160XL New Zealand