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Navionics + Small Chart

Navionics plus charts offer seamless, paper-like chart detail at up to 16 zoom levels. Features include shaded depth contours, coloured nav light sectors, real-world shapes & colours of buoys, spot soundings, tide & current data, database of wrecks, detailed port plans and port service guides.

Daily Updates

Navionics charts are updated with around 2,000 edits per day. See how simple it is to download the very latest content and free daily updates for 1 year you’ll get official chart information supplemented with contributions from fellow boaters in Sonar Chart and Community Edits.

1 ft/0.5 m HD bathymetry

Enjoy the exclusive Sonar Chart™ layer with up to 1 ft/0.5 m contours. Upload your sonar logs to build even better local charts for your area. You can do it with your plotter or use your mobile device connected wirelessly to your sounder with Sonar Chart™ Live.

Detailed charts and more

Nautical Chart is a robust chart resource trusted by boaters worldwide. Sonar Chart™ is an HD bathymetry map that reflects ever-changing conditions. Community Edits are localized chart data contributed by the Navionics Community.

Plotter Sync

If you own select B&G, Lowrance, Simrad and Raymarine Wi-Fi plotters, you can activate your Navionics+ card, transfer routes and markers, and upload sonar logs right from your boat! Download new coverage areas and updates to your card wirelessly by connecting an iPhone, iPad or Android with the Navionics Boating app to your plotter.


Autorouting is available using Navionics charts on compatible plotters from B&G, Lowrance, Simrad and Raymarine in many areas of the world. A convenient, easy-to-use tool.

New Dock-to-dock Autorouting, now available with B&G, Lowrance, Simrad and Raymarine compatible plotter offers a unique breakthrough in boating navigation, as it quickly creates detailed routes from a real start point to a real end point, even through narrow passages and channels where they’re needed most, using sophisticated algorithms.

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SD/MSD Card, Compact Flash

Chart Area

5G576S2 UK and Ireland Inland, 5G822S Portland to Walton-On-The-Naze, 5G824S Ireland North, Scotland West, 5G825S Waterford to Aran Island, 5G826S Irish Sea and Scotland South West, 5G827S Scotland North and East, Faroe Islands, 5G828S Littlehampton to Scarborough, 5G829S Falmouth to Chichester, 5G830S Liverpool to Exmouth, 5G849S Southend to Anstruther, 5G005S PAAMIUT, 5G006S NUUK, 5G007S SISIMIUT, 5G008S AMERDLOQ TO SAVIK, 5G009S ILULISSAT, 5G010S THULE, 5G011S NARSARSUAQ, 5G012S QAQORTOQ, 5G013S SCHWEIZERLAND, 5G036S Caspian Sea, 5G070S FAEROE ISLANDS, 5G130S AZORES, 5G153S GOTLAND ISLAND, 5G191S NARVSKIY ZALIV, 5G193S EL KALA-LAMPEDUSA I., 5G197S ARZEW/DELLYS, 5G199S BEJAIA – TABARKA, 5G202S TOBRUCH/ISKANDARIYA, 5G206S ES SIDER TO TOBRUCH, 5G208S SUEZ C./ISKANDARIYA, 5G209S TARTUS-ASHQELON, 5G220S ABU KAMMASH/SURT, 5G221S YUMURTALIK-BEYROUTH, 5G295S SANKT PETERBURG, 5G303S KALIX-JAKOBSTAD, 5G309S NORRBYSK?R-KALIX, 5G324S HUNAYS-AZ-ZAWIYAH, 5G330S SAAREMAA, 5G332S WEST LATVIA, 5G333S LETTLAND, 5G336S LITAUEN, 5G337S POLAND, 5G340S KOLOBRZEG, 5G356S2 MALLORCA & MENORCA, 5G360S2 ISTANBUL, 5G362S2 CORFU TO PATRAI, 5G366S Norway Lakes & Byrknes To Roald, 5G367S VLTAVA & LABE RIVERS, 5G404S Poland Inland Waters, 5G430S Jarfjorden to Soroya, 5G482S2 SWEDEN EAST, 5G483S2 SWEDEN WEST, 5G515S2 CYPRUS, 5G516S2 SAMANDAGI – MANAVGAT, 5G517S2 TURKEY SOUTH WEST, 5G518S2 KRITI ISLAND, 5G519S2 KIKLADHES, 5G520S2 TURKEY WEST, 5G521S2 AEGEAN SEA NORTH, 5G522S2 GREECE NORTH EAST, 5G523S2 PELOPONNISOS, 5G524S2 KEFALINIA-KORCULA, 5G525S2 CROATIA, 5G526S2 ZLARIN – GRADO, 5G527S2 FANO – MEDULIN, 5G528S2 BARI – P. BARRICATA, 5G529S2 PUGLIA – IONIO, 5G530S2 CALABRIA, 5G531S2 SICILIA, 5G532S2 ANZIO – AMANTEA, 5G533S2 SAN VINCENZO – SALERNO, 5G534S2 LIGURIA-P. ERCOLE, 5G535S2 RAPALLO-CAVALAIRE, 5G536S2 CORSE – N. SARDEGNA, 5G537S2 SARDEGNA, 5G538S2 France Inland, Leman, Zurichsee, 5G539S2 ITALY LAKES&RIVER PO, 5G540S2 ALASSIO-PT ST. LOUIS, 5G541S2 GOLFE DU LION, 5G542S2 BARCELONA, 5G543S2 BARCELONA – BENIDORM, 5G544S2 VALENCIA – ALMERIMAR, 5G545S2 AGUILAS – CADIZ, 5G546S2 ESTEPONA – SINES, 5G547S2 PORTUGAL SOUTH, 5G548S2 PORTUGAL NORTH, 5G549S2 LEIXOES – NAVIA, 5G550S2 CARINO – CAP BRETON, 5G551S2 CANARY IS. & MADEIRA, 5G552S2 BILBAO – OLONNE, 5G553S2 ARCACHON – PENERF, 5G554S2 OLONNE – DOUARNENEZ, 5G555S2 LORIENT – PAIMPOL, 5G556S2 ILE DE BATZ-CARENTAN, 5G557S2 JERSEY-LE TREPORT, 5G558S2 ST-VALERY-ZEEBRUGGE, 5G577S2 NIEUWPOORT-DEN OEVER, 5G578S2 Holland Inland, 5G579S2 DEN HELDER JADEBUSEN, 5G580S2 DELFZIJL-TUEMLAUER, 5G581S2 HARLESIEL – MANDOE, 5G582S2 HUSUM – HALS, 5G583S2 VOERSAA – FEHMARN, 5G584S2 FEHMARN-SWINOUJSCIE, 5G585S2 DARSS – KOLOBRZEG, 5G586S2 PETERBURG – ONEGA, 5G587S2 PRIMORSK – KALKSTRAND, 5G588S2 LOVIISA – VESTLAX, 5G589S2 LANGO – TURKU, 5G590S2 SAHA – ALAND I., 5G591S2 RAISIO – MOIKIPAEAE, 5G592S2 STORKORS -MANSIKKA, 5G599S2 Swed Lakes & Hamnskaer-Norrskaer, 5G600S2 GRAN I. – OEREGRUND, 5G601S2 SE SWEDEN, 5G602S2 SWEDEN SOUTH, 5G606S2 HAUGESUND – AAFJORDEN, 5G609S2 INNDYR – SENJA, 5G611S2 DANUBE DELTA, 5G612S2 DNIEPER RIVER, 5G615S2 PORTUGAL SOUTH, 5G606S2 Sognefj orden to Haugesund, 5G820S Fano-Sibenik, 5G832S Flekkefj ord-Oslo, 5G833S Stord-Lindesnes, 5G835S Fr?ya -Sognefjorden, 5G836S Tosenfjorden-Kristiansund, 5G837S Br?nn?ysund-Bod?, 5G838S Stokmarknes-Hasvik, 5G871S Turkey Igneada to Hopa, 5G872S Finland Inland