Navionics Updating

Navionics have introduced an incentive for ENC users that don’t currently use their data cards.

At present they offer a 50% discount on all purchased 12 month updates once an initial Navionics purchased card subscription ends.

To encourage users to change over to Navionics they are now offering the same 50% discount to all those that have one of the following:

C-MAP – BDS, Essential, 4D, 4D Local, 4D Wide, 4D MAX, 4D MAX+, MAX N, MAX N+, MAX-N Bathy, MAX NT, MAX NT+ on SD/ MSD

Fishing Hot Spots on Sd, MSD and MMC

Lakemaster for Humminbird, Lakemaster ProMap for Lowrane and LakeMaster for Lowrance (Newer Versions)

Lowrance NauticPath on MMC

TrakMaps for Garmin on SD/ MSD including the Demo Cards

TrakMaps for Lowrance

Magellan BlueNAV XL3

For further information please message our Sales Support Team via email or telephone +44 1472 361137.