We give the Ship Owner, Ship Manager and Ship’s Officers the ability to maintain up to date inventories of charts and publications as required by IMO (SOLAS) requirements and any other national or international regulations.

In consultation with owners, South Bank Marine will assemble an inventory of charts and publications onboard the vessel. Each time South Bank Marine is advised of an edition change by a publisher or Hydrographic department we will provide updates in line with the policy agreed.

Customers May Arrange:

1. To be notified of availability and provide our office with instructions.
2. To automatically receive the materials upon availability.
3. To have the items collected and dispatched periodically.

We offer a package that can be tailored to suit the individual tug owner or a fleet of the largest vessels.


Initially an inspection on each vessel would be required to ascertain the current inventory of all on board editions of charts and publications. This inspection can be obtained by the vessels crew or staff from South Bank Marine can visit the vessel if it is close to our offices.


On completion of the inspection an inventory will be input into our database and compared to an up to date database of charts and publications. A report will be generated indicating all out of date charts and publications including all corrections for British Admiralty charts for the latest chart edition. This report may be produced at any time to give the latest editions for any given vessels inventory.

If this service maybe of interest please contact the Sales Support team either via telephone on +44 1472 361137 or via email sales@southbankmarine.com who will be happy to discuss further.