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IA617E Crude Oil Washing Systems

IA617E- Regulation 13 of Annex I of MARPOL 73/78 requires certain ships to operate with a cargo tank cleaning system using crude oil washing. The crude oil washing installation, associated equipment and arrangements must meet requirements established by Administrations based on specifications originally adopted by the International Conference on Tanker Safety and Pollution Prevention in 1978. These specifications have been amended and modified on several occasions since 1978, and this publication contains the most up-to-date version, along with various related texts. This publication contains: – Revised Specifications for the design, operation and control of crude oil washing systems (resolution A.446(XI), as amended by resolutions A.497(XII) and A.897(21)); – standard format for the Crude Oil Washing Operations and Equipment Manuals (resolution MEPC.3(XII), as amended by resolution MEPC.81(43)); – Examples of Crude Oil Washing Operations and Equipment Manuals; – Guidelines for in-port inspection of crude oil washing procedures.

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