February Newsletter

Welcome to our February Newsletter
Christmas is almost a distant memory and the January blues have blown into the abisque and the weekend shaping up to be a stormy one. So batten down the hatches and why not browse the site taking advantage of our weekend offers. 

This weekend only we are offering an additional 15% of listed prices.  Simply quote Weekend15 at the checkout.

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CCC Sailing Directions Orkney and Shetland Islands 2nd Edition Corsica and North Sardinia is a well-established guide to Corsica and the northern region of Sardinia, which together constitute several varied cruising grounds- from the sometimes exposed and often dramatic bays of Corsica’s west coast to the more protected and gentle cruising on its eastern side, to the rich choice of anchorages in the Bouches de Bonifacio and on Sardinia’s island-studded north coast. This whole region is justifiably popular with cruising sailors, particularly in the summer season.

This fourth edition has been thoroughly revised by the authors, who have spent the past two years exploring the Corsican and Sardinian coastlines on their Bowman 40, Easy Rider. Included are a multitude of new photographs as well as thorough updates to the plans and text.

Due for release March 2020.

RRP£35.00 Available to pre-order via emailing sales@southbankmarine.com CCC Sailing Directions Orkney and Shetland Islands 2nd Edition The second edition of this comprehensive guide to Orkney and Shetland, which includes Fair Isle. It also covers the ‘jumping off’ harbours on south side of the Pentland Firth and the mainland coast of Scotland between Inverness and Cape Wrath. The guide has been fully updated throughout.

In the same style as the other Clyde Cruising Club Sailing directions published under the Imray imprint. The section on the north coast of Scotland draws on work previously published from Martin Lawrence.

Due for release March 2020.

RRP£35.00 Available to pre-order via emailing sales@southbankmarine.com Arctic and Northern Waters 2nd Edition 2020 This handbook from the RCC Pilotage Foundation, covers the Northwest and Northeast Passages through the Arctic Ocean as well as Faroe, Iceland and Greenland. Incorporating information collected on a number of voyages over recent years this work is an impressive resource which brings together experience and background data on a region that is not only in the news but increasingly accessible to cruising yachts.

Arctic and Northern Waters is in the same style as other PF pilots and is a practical cockpit reference as well as a source of inspiration for planning. This second edition contains revisions and additional information, some of which was previously published in the annual supplement. There are new photographs and harbour plans.

Due for release March 2020.

RRP£60.00 Available to pre-order via emailing sales@southbankmarine.com Adriatic Pilot 8th Edition 2020 This 8th edition has been fully revised to include new information on marinas, visitor moorings and anchorages, with all the attendant facilities available to cruising sailors. There is also plenty to give historical context and to whet the appetite for visits and exploration ashore. Plans have been updated throughout. Numerous photographs help to orientate, inform and inspire, including a new set of images for the Italian coast and Venice lagoon.

RRP£45.50 Available to order here at a discounted price. Admiralty Leisure Folio SC5605 Chichester to Ramsgate & Calais to Oostende This large-scale folio for small craft contains a full set of 15 nautical charts/sheets, covering from the Isle of Wight to Dunkerque.

RRP£44.30 Available to purchase here at a discounted price. Imray Chart Y100 Gibraltar Bay and Harbour (Small Format)   Scale: 1:50 000 WGS 84 Includes panel of Gibraltar (1:15 000)

A brand new chart for 2020 covering Gibraltar Bay & Harbour. This chart is a replica of the Gibraltar sheet found in the Imray chart atlas 3210 Gibraltar to Cabo de la Nao. It is printed on water resistant paper. RRP£19.95 Available to purchase here at a discounted rate. Imray Chart G3 Aegean Sea (South) Scale: 1:750 000 WGS 84 Includes plan: Approaches to Rhodes (1:15 000) For this 2020 edition the chart has been fully updated and modernised throughout using the latest available survey data. RRP£19.95. Available to purchase here at a discounted price.